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  • 1. Why use the app?
    To structure and memorize your negotiations. To guide you towards the best strategic and tactical choices.
  • 2. What does GPS do for me?
    Saving money, time and clarity.
  • 3. Can I use the application without knowledge?
    Negotiation is an innate process in which the application makes you enter with simplicity.
  • 4. Can I use the app without getting started?
    To save time and get better immediate results, we advise you to accept our handling.
  • 5. What is the history of Negotiation GPS?
    After twenty years dedicated to negotiation (training, expertise and coaching), Professor Vincent Eurieult established the principle in 2006 that we could move someone from a position A to a position B within a reasonable period of time if this person had an issue, an urgency and a dependence on the solution that we represented for him. Very quickly, he considered this relationship to be one-to-one. If we were looking for an agreement, naturally, we ourselves had a stake, an urgency and a dependence vis-a-vis our interlocutors. The visualization of the respective powers in a cube was born. In the twelve months of systematic training that followed, he found that negotiators actually act according to the power they think they have. As a result, the truth in a negotiation consisted of three realities: ours, their vision of ours and our vision of theirs. The Cube method was born. Digitization was on.
  • 6. What are cookies used for?
    We only use 1 cookie which is used for user login.
  • 7. Do I have access to all modes of the application during the 1 month trial period?
    You will find in the section "our offers" our table indicating the conditions of each subscription.
  • 8. What personal data do you store?
    We store the data that you enter in the N-GPS, i.e. the information of your current and archived negotiations as well as your information related to your account (email address, password)
  • 9. Do you keep our personal data at the end of our subscription?
    If you wish to leave us, we will not store your personal data.
  • 10. How can I train in the Negotiation GPS method?
    By registering for an inter-company masterclass or by taking advantage of a personalized seminar for your company's employees only. Count on one or two days of training, to be defined together.
  • 11. Do you have access to our negotiations?
    We have no way to see your negotiations.
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